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Shimeji Browser Extension Review

Shimeji is a browser extension for Google Chrome. It was created in the Netherlands for fun. The extension doesn’t bear any other benefits. An original extension everyone can get in Chrome free of charge. Play with shimejis while surfing the Internet. Let’s find out more about them, how to play with them, and what kinds of shimeji one can find nowadays.

What is a shimeji?

Shimeji is a small character who plays around with the windows of the Chrome browser. They aren’t useful or anything, just fun. The characters can also be called desktop buddies or mascots. Regardless of the name, they look like characters from well-known anime series and games.

How to play with shimejis?

In order to interact with the character, a user must use a mouse. Pick characters and drag them anywhere on the screen. Leave wherever you like and watch them play with the elements on the page.

These characters may walk, crawl, climb, and jump. To make things funnier, they may also steal elements from the page. Not literally, of course. When playing with such characters, users can see them interact if they belong to one pack. Shimejis from different bundles cannot interact with each other.

Users can download the characters from favorite movies and animations. Each shimeji looks and behaves differently because their creators are from all over the world. The behavior of each character is unique.

How to get a shimeji?

Use the shimeji directory to choose the new favorite. As the popularity of the extension is growing, new characters are added. The latest ones added were characters from the well-known series My Hero Academia and Bangtan Boys. Follow the updates to see what new characters are added to the selection of options.

Since May 2020, users can request characters in case they are missing. If the request gets enough votes, the character will be added.

What characters can one find at Shimeji Extension?

The Chrome extension already has world-famous characters from Mario, Assassin’s Creed, Avengers, BBC Sherlock, Disney, Naruto, Pokémon, Rick and Morty, SpongeBob SquarePants, etc. In total, there are hundreds of characters from dozens of series, games, and movies.

Which sites can shimeji be on?

These toys can’t be on all websites. However, they are optimized for platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. The list of sites keeps growing as the characters get more developed and adjusted to other websites.

Is Shimeji a virus?

Many users, who have never heard about the extension, wonder if it’s a virus. Surely, it might seem suspicious when you see them at first. However, the software has no viruses. It’s just a fun addition to online browsing.

Those who worry about malware or similar problems can additionally install ad-blocking software.

How to install the extension?

When you are ready to install the extension, you can go to the developer’s website or Chrome Online Store and get it in a few clicks. The extension is very lightweight, only 659KB. Almost a million users already have it.