The Best Free Virtual Data Room Software for Managing Your Personal & Company Data

Ensuring information security is and will be one of the most important components of a successful business. At the same time, according to a study by Veeam, 89% of organizations do not implement decent protection at the proper level. One of the steps to improve the security of information is the use of virtual data rooms.

Why change regular clouds to virtual data rooms?

Virtual data rooms provide much more security for virtual data by allowing better control of user access. However, the fatal flaw of VDRs is that they are still vulnerable if the document stored in them is photographed with a phone. This simple workaround is responsible for over 10% of data breaches.

One effective strategy to overcome this problem is to choose improved VDRs with additional document protection capabilities. For example, many companies offer an enhanced version of the virtual data room with optional invisible tagging. What’s this? This is a special marking in the format of the steganographic approach, which is applied automatically to all documents that fall into the VDR. If a record with such a marking is photographed and leaked somewhere, it will be possible to determine the source of the leak from the compromising photo.

Top Virtual Data Room Providers

If you are currently looking for VDR, you should pay attention to services belonging to several groups.

  1. The first group is VDR for large businesses, which have great functionality, but at the same time, are very expensive. They are used for mergers and acquisitions, going public, etc.
  2. The second group of services is more affordable and simple virtual rooms suitable for medium and small businesses.

Please note this and all the differences between virtual data rooms in different price categories. All providers of such services care about data security. For this, multi-factor authentication and a banking type of data encryption are integrated.

In all virtual rooms, the administrator can restrict the rights of each user. For example, there is a certain document. One group of users does not see it at all, another can only view it, a third can edit it, and a fourth can download it all together.

Virtual rooms for large companies

If you have a large enterprise, the best virtual data room software includes brands such as Merrill Datasite, RR Donnelley, Intralinks. The cost for a month of usage will depend on the set of tools you choose inside the virtual data room and the amount of storage. Unfortunately, few of these types of VDRs directly state the price.

Virtual Rooms for SMBs

Services such as SecureDocs, V-Rooms, and Ansarada are suitable for small companies. Their price can be less than $300-500 per month while you get all the necessary functionality.