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Avast Service High CPU on Windows

Avast is one of the most well-known antivirus software on the market. Millions of users are loyal to it. It offers a decent free antivirus program and high-quality premium services. However, today we’ll focus on the software’s issue when Avast Service High CPU occurs. Let’s get to know why it happens and the most effective way to resolve the issue.

The main reasons why Avast Service High CPU may happen

Any antivirus needs resources. Avast, just like all of them, regularly scans the OS, detects viruses, cleans up the junk files, and does other background operations. While these are very useful things, they may lead to Avast Service High CPU.

To prove that the issue with your PC is the problem in question, you must go to the Task Manager. The table is sure to reflect the percentage of CPU occupied in general as well as how much resources are used by each program/app.

When you notice unnaturally high numbers, the reason for the issue can be an incorrect configuration, a glitch in the settings, or wrong entries in the Registry.

So, the main reasons for the issue to occur are:

  • Incorrect system settings,
  • Irregular entries in Windows Registry,
  • Numerous background operations,
  • Outdated software.

Top 3 solutions to Avast Service High CPU usage

The first method is radical but effective. Just reinstall Avast Cleanup. There is no necessity to reinstall the whole program yet, just this component. You may do it from the Avast’s settings. In case you don’t use it, remove this element completely and install an alternative from another developer.

Another solution is to adjust how often scans take place. The antivirus is sure to run background scans as often as the settings tell it. They might happen too often and Avast Service High CPU usage issue occurs. Reduce the number of scans and reboot your device to implement the changes. While it may not eliminate the situation completely, CPU is sure to be less loaded.

Finally, you may try to install the software’s latest version. The outdated or corrupted files may potentially lead to the overloaded CPU. Installing the new version is likely to eliminate the bug and return all the functions to normal. Look for the updates on the corresponding page of the antivirus interface.

The most radical way available

If nothing helps and you still have Avast Service High CPU usage problem, you should reset Avast completely. It’s not that hard to do it properly. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to the Control Panel and find Programs and Features utility.
  • Choose your antivirus on the list and click on the Change button.
  • From the options you get further, you should pick Repair. Avast will change the product’s files and repair the problems. Keep in mind, that it might be a time-consuming process.
  • As soon as it’s over, you should reboot your device and find out if the problem still exists.

The verdict on Avast Service High CPU usage

Having an issue with Avast Service High CPU may cause lots of inconveniences. Your computer will not only be slow but will fail to perform some functions as well as make Internet browsing intolerable. Fortunately, you are now aware of 4 ways to deal with the problem. Start with the simple methods first and move on to more complicated if they fail. One of the methods is sure to be helpful.