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Top VPN in 2019 to Pay Attention On

Only those who do not use a computer and do not work on the network have not heard of total bans and blockings about VPN, it is hardly necessary to explain to anyone what it is. VPN technologies allow connections through an encrypted virtual network, which makes territorial blocking useless and provides, ideally, anonymity – the provider, like other possible observers, cannot track where you are “going”, since a) you do it indirectly, and through third-party servers, and b) traffic is encrypted.


It is an interesting and promising VPN project created by Russian-speaking developers, the team, and servers of which are located in the Virgin Islands. Also, the service does not save logs and other data on user activity, and accordingly, it does not transfer them to third parties. VPN is free, with no ads, and according to the developers, it will always be so.


It allows you to access websites, streaming services, social networks, and other resources on the Internet from anywhere in the world. One of the advantages of it is the minimum required steps in the application itself: you can connect to the VPN with one click.


It is a paid service that you can use for free for a trial period of 30 days and then get your payment back. Then re-register and use for another 30 days if you have other mail and details.

Surfshark VPN

One of the key features of it is connecting an unlimited number of devices with a single subscription. It works equally well on all platforms.


It supports up to three devices at the same time from one account but is fast and secure. This is a paid service, but a 30-day trial is free.

CyberGhost VPN

This VPN is interesting in that it does not save user logs and does not allow third-parties to view someone’s search queries. The service has about 3,700 remote servers in different countries, now there are 60 such countries and their number is growing.

Hotspot Shield

It is a free service with a small client and very fast servers. It has most of the functions and features of the services described above, but it also has its characteristics: on the one hand, high connection and operating speeds, possibly one of the highest.


It has only 20 redirect servers, which is not much compared to other services in this collection. Free traffic – only 500 MB per month, you can add a gigabyte per tweet about the service. There are, of course, paid options. TunnelBear does not keep logs and allows you to connect 5 devices to one account.

It also offers client apps for all major platforms, offers 2GB of free bandwidth per month, and provides most of the basic options for free, but only five virtual locations per device.


It provides unlimited traffic, even on the free version, but there are serious data transfer speed limits on it. You won’t be able to comfortably watch streaming video and simply won’t connect to Netflix. It provides a high level of security even in the free version.