Does antivirus protect computer from all threats?

When we want to ask our friends about the best security suite 2020 they use, we usually ask something like: «What antivirus do you use?» Many people know, however, that these days antivirus can’t protect a computer from all possible threats. The rogue programs have evolved so drastically and the threats differ as well.
Computers may be attacked by hackers, Trojan horses, fishing sites, annoying pop-ups and spam.
In other words, threats today are very complex and in order to protect own gadgets from them users need to use complex protection systems. Often, antivirus can’t deal with all issues because it can’t effectively protect computer from all rogue programs. Thus, increasingly more users these days choose Security Suites.
Despite the fact that practically every manufacturer has these products and users can choose the top Security Suites for them, too many people ignore the opportunity, hoping that antivirus will protect them from all threats. In fact, ordinary users may simply underestimate the dangers that may be found on the Web. Thoughts like «My antivirus is great, I’ve never had problems with it» are outdated. Antivirus can effectively protect you only from certain viruses. The complex approach, however, and attention to new protection software is not a marketing trick, rather than an absolute must.

What malware do scammers use?

Viruses these days can:
• attack computers from all over the world;
• run own copies on the remote computer;
• attack all computers in the network;
• copy, modify and destroy useful data;
• run Trojan program and pass scammers user’s personal information (passwords, credit cards numbers and so on).
• insert Backdoor – Trojan program that enables hacker to take remote computer under complete control;
• run Trojan-Downloader to attack user’s computer with other rogue programs.

The difference between antivirus and Security Suites

The basic difference between classic antivirus and Security Suite is that the top Security Suite will protect your computer from viruses, malware software, spam, fishing and pop-ups. It successfully combines firewall, multi-computer protection, anti-bot scanner and browsing protection with parental control software.
One of the fundamental functions of Security Suites is firewall. Many users, however, have no idea what it is. Some people have never even heard about is and don’t want to waste time while studying it. Years ago firewall was complex and expensive product, and only computer geeks could afford it. But after the appearance of worms like Nimda, MSBlast and Sasser it became clear that even an ordinary user requires firewall. Practically every Security Suite has firewall as well as other perks.
As for the parental control, the best Security Suite parental control options will help parent set time limits, control web surfing activity and block harmful sites their children may see.
Summing up, antivirus is a great way to protect your computer from malware software. If your choose the best Security Suite on the market, however, you will enjoy complex solution combining anti malware software, firewall, spyware protection, Web-control and many other functions.