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Thunder VPN: Is it Worth to Download?

In light of recent events, the popularity of VPN services has sky-rocketed. People from all over the world start using this technology to enjoy numerous benefits including anonymity and the lack of geo-restrictions. Today, we’ll discuss Thunder VPN and decide if it’s worth downloading.

A brief overview

Thunder VPN is an app available in the Google Store. The official description claims the app has a strict no-log policy. Moreover, there is no need to register, give any extra permissions from the smartphone, etc. This is surely too good to be true. When testing this VPN provider, some facts came out and turned out to be very interesting. Let’s learn more about some peculiar features of Thunder VPN and reasons against getting it.

The peculiarities worth your attention

  • Slow speeds. First of all, the app seriously cuts down the speed. While it greatly depends on the country you pick to connect from (like with any other service), the situation is relatively the same here. It’s slow and leads to browsing issues.
  • Limited locations. Thunder VPN offers only 9 server locations. While it might be enough for some users, this is obviously a very limited solution.
  • The privacy policy is rather vague. It’s curious and upsetting that the privacy policy delivers some discrepancies. Despite claiming to have a zero-log policy, the VPN is not so private. If anonymity is your goal, this won’t be the best choice for sure.
  • Questionable origin. When getting a VPN, it’s important to know the service belongs to a reputable company. In this case, you can hardly find enough to go on.
  • Slow speeds make it hard for torrenting. While it’s possible, it’ll take you ages to download files. So, you’d better opt for another provider if you often use torrents.
  • There is no kill switch and the tunneling protocol is very outdated. This seems like Thunder VPN can’t secure your privacy.
  • Thunder VPN has a really low rating compared to other VPN providers.
  • While it’s free, you “pay” for it by watching the third-party ads. Every time you need to turn it on, you’ll have to wait for a few seconds before you can close the ad.

The advantages of Thunder VPN

This VPN provider can go around geo-restriction. It can be useful if you want to stream BBC iPlayer, for example. Just connect via the UK server and enjoy the content. However, sometimes it fails to do that. For instance, it’s not capable of unlocking Netflix.

Also, it’s very easy to install and use this software. It’s only available on Android-running devices. To install it, you only need to find it in the Google Store, confirm the download, and run the app. The application doesn’t have many configurations. You pick the server and click on Connect. When you are done using the service, go back and click on Disconnect.

The verdict on Thunder VPN

All in all, it’s far from the best offers on the market. Even approaching this app with really low standards, the app fails to deliver much. It isn’t much known about the origin of the program. You don’t even know which information it gathers. The number of disadvantages is much bigger than the advantages. So, if your main reasons for getting this app are anonymity and security, there are many other decent options to try (even if you want a free app).